Monday, February 22, 2010


I can recall the day.
I captured it in a bottle; Timeless......
Imperishable, so I thought.
I was so naive to believe that you could relieve the eternal flame that burns within me.
The rock I had to have to represent what I assumed that we shared has changed.
Although it IS beautiful, time has ripped across it's smooth surface and, it's luster has worn away
The sand is no longer tan,but, a murky,lonely abyss that captures the rock and changes it's hue
The water that was once so clear has something growing in it
I can't believe that my innocent adolescent gesture could be so true to us and what we've become
you are the sand
and I
the rock, constantly sinking in you as you tear into me.
Infecting me....suffocating my mind
On top of it all......

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


today is the day that i should forget about my rage
one day.....but, not today
about the pain
and you're delay
one day
but not today
about the blod i shed in such delay
one day but not today
one day i will feel okay
one day but not today
my body is numb today

i am the slave of abuse today
i am a child of misery's prey
and although i smile and say
it's okay
it's not
especially today.
but one day
thats not today
i willl
i willl be okay
and all thoughts of dismay will
survey the world that we see today
with no rehab
i am re-hab on the ship that i purvey

and although
my day is
not today
i willl be
not today


Tuesday, October 13, 2009

On the grind with Tonio from the Top

Alright, I know that I have been gone for a while. But, sometimes the kill is not as easy to track as other times. Introducing Tonio from the Top. A true cypher champ and my good friend. The best way that I can describe Tonio....Well, really the best way is to just let him describe himself. And, this is what it sounded like.

NG: How would you describe yourself Tonio? I mean...what sets you apart?

Tonio:A lot of dudes are just real 1 sided I am just genuine. Nobody is 100% anything! I'm out in these streets! I mean my boys ain't gon get the same thing my kids get. And my Lady Friend gets a different me than my boys....but I'm always gon be ME! GENUINE 4 REAL!

NG: That's whats you know a lotta dudes don't talk about there kids....They don't even take care of there kids!

Tonio: Just because you are a Hustler doesn't make you a Gangster it just makes you a nigga who hustles. Most of them bitch niggas anyway.
That's for real though! I coach football too! I have got into a fight about that shit with my homeboy! I coach there kids and they can't even come around the corner to watch there kids practice, Fucking shame!!

NG: Well, we've all seen "I am baby momma" right?

Tonio: I ain't seen shit! You gotta put me on!

NG: I got you! First off, I would like to talk about certified

Tonio: Certified is what it is.....See a lot of rappers just sit at the house...writing on the pad...Then they look in a mirror and see a bitch! It's just like slavery! A house nigga belongs in the house! A lot of these rappers are scared of being exposed cuz' they have something to hide.
When you listen to my music; You hear my life! A lot of it I'm not really proud of....But, you can hear it! You can hear that I'm a good Father. You can hear that I sold drugs. Just hear it!

NG: I just love your freestyles! It's so surreal! It's like the cypher!

Tonio: Whoa! I was so drunk when we did that!

NG:Well, dig deep in your memory's eye & try to remember what you were thinking of in the hotel scene where you talk about your strong arms,lol!

Tonio: Truthfully, nothing was going down in my mind. We were at Rams Live....that's like a big spot down here in Baltimore. We dropped like 25K for that spot! It was a real live venue...we had like Models and, People from Bad Boy were there...couple of Def Jam peeps...It was actually my label buddy Los's mixtape release party. We had started drinking since earlier that day. Honestly, in my opinion Los is the hottest thing on the East Coast right now as far as music goes!

NG: You need 2 tell Los about me!

Tonio: I definetly will...That's my fam I definetly will!

NG: Afterall we do ALL have to eat!

Tonio: That's definetly right!

NG: So why did you call your CD "Grind Hard or Find GOD" Why can't you do both?

Tonio: You can do both! Theres not a reason why you can't. What I was saying is that there are some dudes that are out here...and they ain't built for all that. Kinda like "If you scared go to church" cuz' we out here on our grind! If there is ANYTHING in you that feels like you can't deal with the consequences of being out need to find something else to do!

NG: I love U MAD! You wanna talk about it?

Tonio: U MAD is talking about haters! But, everybody say's haters...why not just say they mad? You mad about my girl,my car,my kids! My kids especially! You're jealous SO WHAT!?! Aahhhh Ha! Everybody really talks about the third verse though! That's the one that I mainly talk about my kids...Nobody really does that nowadays. They just talk about what they've got...They're car,clothes, whatever...and don't even see they're kids! Posin' up with some chick stuntin like they doin what they aint even doing for real! The game is so fucked up right now! Riding around in they Man's car frontin' like it's HIS! Ain't no future in your frontin' I'm just so mad right now!

NG: I love the Aaaaahhh Haaa! You are truly funny!

Tonio: That be what it IS! Sometimes you can only laugh at it!! Sometimes when you tell the truth the reason why people laugh is cuz' they can identify someone in they're life that is just like that...and, all they can do is laugh. I got a song called "You don't go Hard" It was actually produced by a dude name Fo from Poland...The song basically like is an introduction of myself. I start with that song @ every performance...That's how Baltimore IS right now! Gettin' Hustlers mixed up with being a Gangster...Just because you are a Hustler doesn't make you a Gangster it just makes you a Bitch assed nigga! Just because you sell drugs.....Don't make you no hustla.

NG: I'm gonna guess that not too many people mess with you.

Tonio: I don't really mix with too many crowds. When I was younger I was wild so.....those memories kinda stick around with people. I'm just living off of the reputation that I built up from when I was younger.

An Excerpt from Tonio's Bio goes on even further:

Tonio signed to Da Bloc in 2006. CEO Jermal (Marty) Jones heard him featured on a song by Da Bloc artist M.Blox, and invited him to the studio. At the time Tonio was so rough and raw, but managed to still get the nod from not only Marty, but Da Bloc’s other artist LOS, Skarr Akbar, and D.R.O.P after only 2 studio sessions. Being around such good artist helped polish his flow and give him a better understanding of the business. His mixtape “Grind Hard or Find God” was released in 2008 under Da Bloc Inc/Crown Jewelz Ent. and went on to sell over 2,000 copies in Baltimore.

I know that I feel safe on the streets with Tonio in tow. And my ears love to hear his freestyles flow!

Till next time....I'll be starving to feed you with the swagger that we all love.

The Swagger Hunter

IMAGES & BIO THANKS TO: Tonio & Under Da Bloc Inc/ Crown Jewelz Ent.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Introducing Mal! Certainly Southern Magic

Mal certainly is 4TH QUARTER PIMPIN ; His music reminds me of the smooth melodies of Outcast mixed with the rugged twang of Jamaican Dancehall. Serenaded by his southern melodies I feel like he has pimped my eardrums and changed my perceptions of the southern sound. And I am proud to be the first interviewer. So, without further adieu...Introducing, my buddy Mal!

Nydigritti: When did you start flowing!

Mal:"Way,way,way,back in 2007! You didn't hear the funniness in my voice! Yes, I am a fool & have upgraded from a jerk to an Asshole"

NG: "HAHA! I can attest to that first hand!

Mal: " I AM a GRADE A fool"

NG: "So what was your inspiration?"

Mal: "Outcast, Master P, Juvenile, 2PAC, Biggie of Course, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Creed, I am a big Rock Head and I don't mean crack! Ha Haaa!"

NG: "I have to admit that one my favorite's of yours is I'm Rollin"

Mal: "Yeah! It's for all my peep's in South Carolina. For me, it's an anthem....I can't forget about my Folk's in Baltimore and parts of Maryland.....CHUCKTOWN ya' know that's where I'm from!
That's how we rockin out there"

NG: "That's Cute!"

Mal: "Thank you Nydi! You arre Hilarious with the giggles! I'm trying to come out to Cali after Christmas"

NG: "I'll show you how the Bay Rocks!"

Mal: "You from the Chi though!?!"

NG: "The Bay is where I stay! I can Rep em' both, haha!"

Mal: "That's right!" I ain't got no dread's but I'm thinking of growing some....I like E-40 so you could tell em' I said that...I listen to everything except country cuz I'm country as hell!"

NG: "Wow! Tell me about some of your other trax...what's your favorite track?"

Mal: "Mine is "I don't wanna live" inspired by Biggie...I mean I'm a rebel, Shawty and not a thug...If they wanna meet some thugs I can Introduce them...I mean Pimp C is my favorite rapper! Just because I may have been to jail and all that stuff doesn't make me a thug"

NG: "OMG is Hella Funny to me"

Mal: "OMG is a song that me and my homie just dumbed out on when we were Fucked up. Me and my homie Sonny Brix. You know, I want everybody to eat. Sonny is my family/producer cuz he's my family before everything producer second or third. Matter fact I'm listening to that OMG right NOW. But that's me I'm a fool with it! On the real Nydi when I make it to Cali...I want to go on a date though! Is that alright?"

NG: "I like to eat!"

Mal: "You are HIGHlarious!"

NG: "So, Mal you mention a lot of places. Where are you from?"

Mal: "Nope, I lived a lot of places but I only rep SOUTH CAROLINA...I got a big family and there from South Carolina, North Charlston! Alabama,and Murderland aka Maryland...that's where I'm from N. Chucktown baby yeeeaah! Behind Bars entertainment and that goes both ways! Behind Musical Bars and Jail Bars, That's how we Rockin'!"

NG: "You are Bad to the Bone"

Mal: "That's a song that I did when I was crippled for seven months after a basketball injury"

NG: "I remember you telling me about that!"

Mal: "Well, after I could walk again I recorded it. In the words of my Saire~Jones "I told you I'd be back one day and, now I'm good! A BAD MUTHA FUCKA" I dun been to hell and back about 50 Million times!"

NG: "Well, what can we expect from you next?"

Mal: "4th Quarter Pimpin is expected to drop sometime December 2009 representing the 4th Qtr. Like the 4 Quarters of the year! We representing 4 Qtr.'s of Pimpin'. And, I would like to shout out my Ol' gul Nydigritti!

NG: "Of course!"

Mal: "Also expect some T-Shirt's I just want everybody to eat. I've got the 4TH QUARTER PIMPIN' T-Shirt's prolly by the end of this week and my, 800-Kill Yo' self due out by the end of the year.

NG: "You know that I'm gonna need a couple of those!"

Mal: "You know I got you! Like I said I'm just tryin' for everybody to eat! I'm still just the same ol' me....Just trying to be a better me!"

A convo with Mal always ends in laughs and smiles as he rushes off to his next hustle. Thanks to The Magical Mal to make some time for little ol' Nydigritti. Keep yo Swag on like it's tattoed! And, I look forward to doing it again!

The Swag Hunter


Tuesday, September 29, 2009

We LOVE you, Skyzoo!

Back in "The Day" we all bathed in the excellence of the lyrics of the like's of Nas, Notorious B.I.G., Jay Z and, Made for Cuban Links. Remember, when no one had to hear about a hissy fit over a video or some chicken. As a matter of fact, I can recall when Rappers weren't even on the Top 10 or concerned about anything except being tru 2 the Game. For a moment I thought that the day would never come again that I wouldn't first have to like a string of catchy hooks before listening to the radio.

This morning I was given a breath of fresh air! There is no doubt in my mind that Skyzoo was paying attention during the hip hop boom of the 80's and 90's. Not only a poet but, by far a true lyricist perfecting iambic pentameter in "You & Me" and, Showing his gully side in "The Necessary Evils". I admit having multiple eargasms while researching Skyzoo!

He is no newcomer to the game either:

Get familiar. At an eager, observant age of just nine, Skyzoo penned his first song about the urban inner city life he witnessed from the window of his 18th floor apartment in Ebbets Field Projects. Fifteen years, six independent mixtapes, an indie EP, over 100 songs and countless fans later, the 25-year-old Skyzoo has matured into one of the game's most elite packages yet. The loyal Brooklynite (splitting his time between Crown Heights and Bedford Stuyvesant), who has already received accolades from a wide range of legends including Buckshot, Dj Drama, Sean Price and EPMD for his street-heavy, sharp narrating style and wit, understands a hip-hop fan's mentality and is prepared to customize music for their eyes and ears. Yes, music for their eyes AND ears. "If they lend me their ears, they're lending me their eyes," says an assuring Skyzoo, who prides himself in the art of storytelling with a street swagger. "I promise you when you hear my music, I promise you, you're going to not only hear something that you've never heard, but see something you've never seen" ~According to his Myspace page.

All I can say is that I am defi trying to get familiar with Skyzoo! And, for the love of non cake-boy hip-hop! I hope that all of you do too.

Love & Swagger,


Thursday, September 24, 2009

Poetry In Motion by Bo Zolland

Have you ever seen the speedboat with the "Butterfly Doors"? This is the R 8, 8 Biocat Catamaran by VIZUALTECH, Designed after an order from a Dubai race boat company. Gotta love Dubai! The Biocat Catamaran will use 1 V10 Diesel or, 2 Regular V8's and run on Biofuel. And,if the design isn't fun enough; This boat is expected to reach speeds in the 100-110 MPH range so, hold on to your seat!

Although, a lazy afternoon float on a Yacht can be relaxing............

How can you even think of relaxing with this adrenalin booster cruising the shoreline!

As I browse the designs of Bo Zolland the theme music of James Bond resonates through my mind. He designs concept boats, yacht's and, cars that can become your reality in only the amount of time that it takes to hand craft his gorgeous creations. Take this 1963 Corvette Stingray inspired boat design. So sleek and, sexy that it could be imagined speeding out of the Bat Cave in hot pursuit for the "Villain On The Go". And these are only two of the beauty's that have caught my heart! I hope that this kill soothes your hunger and, builds dreams for next summer!

Until next time,
Double O Nydi

Images c/o: GermanCarScene and, VIZTECH

Monday, September 21, 2009

Dust that dirt off your shoulder!

Yay Fall! This season is bound to hold many sexy and comfy options for the woman on the go. Seen here is the HALSTON (r) Off-the-shoulder jersey dress in hot pink. So seductive! Paired with a Gritti favourite the thigh-high boot....How could anyone do a thing but love it! I am defi looking forward to seeing what matriculates from the mood of the designers!

Always Yours,

images c/o: NET-A-PORTER.COM